Who can get married in St Mary Magdalene, Tanworth in Arden Parish Church?
Anyone who lives in the Church Parish and/or is a member of St Mary Magdalene Parish Church qualifies legally to be married in this Church.  Similarly, if the parents of either the bride or groom-to-be live, or have lived, in the Church Parish for more than six months, they qualify too.

If in doubt, please call the Parish Office 01564 742565 or e-mail: or look at this summary of qualifying connections (Church of England).

How do I book a wedding?
Contact the Parish Office (01564 742565) to discuss the marriage process and to check dates.

The first step is to meet the vicar, or the priest, who will marry you.  Some formal information will be gathered, and you’ll also be able to discuss details of your wedding service, complete a banns form and book a wedding rehearsal. Rehearsals last up to an hour and take place during the week before your wedding – usually the evening before the wedding.

To help you prepare for marriage, couples are expected to attend a Marriage Preparation Course. This is usually held in March each year and covers communication, expectations, intimacy and conflict as well as the wedding service itself and other church-related practicalities.

Banns or Licence
If either of you lives outside the parish, you will need to arrange for your banns of marriage to be called in the parish where you live. It is your responsibility and you will need to bring the banns certificate to your rehearsal.

Sometimes, when it is not possible to read banns, e.g. if either of you lives outside England, it is necessary to be married by Archbishop’s license, in which case you would have a meeting with the Registrar at the Diocese and there is no need for the calling of banns.

How much will it cost?
It depends on how many ‘extras’ you want! The basic minimum ‘Parochial Fee’ covers the cost of administration, use of the building, and fees for verger and clergy. The extra costs would be for an organist, choir, bell ringers, Order Of Service printing, etc.  You may also have your own musician(s) in mind, florist if you wish to decorate the church or pews, etc.

The CofE standard 2021 Fees:
Parochial Fee:  £464
Banns reading and certificate:  £46 (may be required for more than one church)

How can I find out more?
Call the Parish Office:  01564 742565 or e-mail: