Following the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, the Church of England has produced its steps for easing of restrictions.

However, like other churches and any other building, we also have to feel as safe as possible given the church size/structure and resources available. Whilst we aim to follow the CofE guidelines, we have to complete a ‘risk assessment’ which may mean that we have local restrictions.

When the church is open for services, we can currently only use 13 pews for individual or household groups to be socially distanced.


Regular services:  The church will re-open on 21st March for Holy Communion services only

Funerals can continue to take place for up to 30 people

Life Events can take place according to the maximum number allowed by the CofE.  No earlier than 17th May, most significant life events can have a maximum of 30 people.

No earlier than 21st June: Whilst there may be no legal limit on people attending life events, there may still be the need for social-distancing and, if so, this would limit the number of pews available for use by household groups.