The church's telephone support team have been staying in touch with people during lockdown.

They make calls to support the most vulnerable in the parish, especially those who have been self-isolating or who live alone.

From the start, they checked to make sure that people felt safe, understood the restrictions, could get provisions - food, prescriptions, and to ask whether they'd like us to stay in touch even for just a regular catch-up chat. They did 🙂

If anyone would like to hear from one of the team, or if any vulnerable person requires assistance
please email Fran at:
OR leave a message on:

07990 178477

Some calls are simply to check in, which seems to have been very much welcomed especially from those who do not have family and friends to stay in touch with, or not easily. Whilst many have email, video-conferencing, and other options for staying in touch, some only have their phone.
Over the weeks, and months now, this initiative has also ensured that everyone gets other forms of communication. This includes a weekly Order Of Service (OOS) for the live-streamed Sunday services and a monthly Parish Magazine so they stay in touch with what's happening in the Parish and can join in with worship - even if it is over a cup of tea in the garden whilst reading the OOS.
Actually, it seems that some relationships are deepening and we are also creating some new friendships with an eagerness to meet and chat in person as soon as that is possible.