Uplifted are St Mary Magdalen's own puppet team. They started over four years ago when one of the readers bought two puppets, for entertaining the children at Messy Church. The puppets make their debut performance at an Easter Saturday workshop and went down a storm. A couple of youngsters agreed to help out in future services and Uplifted was born. Since this time we have grown considerably. We now have twelve people in the team, although not everyone participates at once! Our puppet numbers have also grown, increasing from our initial two puppets, Ben and Becky, to an army of puppets of all ages and species!
Pre-Covid-19, we practiced most Thursdays in the church's upper room and we look forward to exploring the possibilities for the puppets in the new post-Covid world.
Uplifted have been invited by other churches to take part in services. We were involved in the formation of two puppet teams in 2019, providing advice and some training.
We take interested young people from 12 upwards, although we are  limited in the number we can have in our team. If you have a young person you feel would be interested in joining us, please ring Phil or Wendy on 0156474 2049 and we can have a chat. Even if we have no space at the time we will happily put you on a waiting list.
Puppet ministry is very rewarding, both for those who take part, and for those who watch. It's also a great way to 'speak' to both children and adults alike, so an ideal platform for ministry. Never underestimate the power of a puppet!