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Written by Paul Cudby   

Many churches run groups for people who wish to explore their own beliefs and understand more about Christianity. At Tanworth we have begun to use a course we've devised ourselves called, 'Soul Space'. The course runs each year for ten weeks between Christmas and Easter. We meet each week on a Thursday evening starting at 7.30pm. After sharing supper we sit down together to watch a short DVD (about 12 minutes long) from the NOOMA series. If you've ever seen one of these DVDs you'll know that the presenter, Rob Bell, offers sharp observations about life from a Christian perspective. After we've watched the DVD we will discuss what we've seen and what our impressions are. The aim of the course is not to tell you what to believe or teach about good Christian doctrine, but to go on a journey of discovery together; to provide space for the soul to consider what is truth: Soul Space.

The ten sessions are:

Dust: thinking about the call to follow Jesus

She: What is God like? - challenging our preconceptions

Tomato: What does it mean to say 'Jesus Saves'?

Lump: what does unconditional love look like?

Luggage: thinking about human forgiveness

Rain: when it all goes wrong...

Open: what about prayer?

Noise: what gets in the way?

Sunday: what about church?

Name: what should we do with our lives?

In addition, about two thirds of the way through the course we spend a Saturday together out in the Warwickshire countryside thinking about the Holy Spirit, using NOOMA, telling our own stories and a using video from the Alpha series. Once again we adopt a relaxed approach and no one is ever put under any pressure. It's all about Space - Soul Space.

For more details, contact the vicar.

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